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What’s Happening?

In efforts to maximize the experience of every attendee, registration at the online events are limited 

Wedding Anniversary Mass Celebration

Once every month parishes across the vicariate invite their parishioner couples to celebrate their wedding anniversary through a special mass held with the exchange of vows with the grace of blessings & togetherness.

Reach out to your Parish Family Ministry Coordinator to know when this event takes place in your parish !!! 

Marriage Preparation Course

Women + Faith: Discussion Group

Pastoral Support 

Pastoral Emotional Support is available for all parishioners of the vicariate , especially those who are experiencing a difficult time and would like to talk to someone and share their feelings. The pastoral emotional support team are a group of pastorally trained lay members of the church lead by Family Ministry Director
Fr Peter Fernando. If you need to talk to someone, click here

The Family Ministry team is constantly planning events, program and seminars for families.

Scroll below to view our different upcoming events as well as our regular monthly events too! 


Sign Language Communication
School Hallway
Church Candles

Senior's Evening

Date : February 26, 2022
Online via Zoom. 

An engaging, fun, interactive and musical evening planned for our Senior Parishioners who have been tucked inside over the past months. Time to meet and engage with friends from within your Parish ! 

To know more details & register for the event.  Click  Below !

Family Ministry Da

Date : March 27, 2022
Online via Zoom. 

An session for Parents who are caught struggling with children who are constantly on social media platforms. Our session includes a Psychologist & Doctor who shares their insights on the growing dangers & its impact on the physiology. An IT Security Expert sharing tips and ways to secure your home and sharing from 2 families on what real-life solutions they use at home. 

In Your  Loving Memory
Forever in My Heart 

Date: April 9, 2022

Online Via Zoon

Losing a loved one changes one's life forever, it can never be the same again.
An invitation to an Evening Conversing on, what now ?what  holds ahead for me ? 
And where do i go from here? Open room discussions with our Director Fr. Peter Fernando.  


Engaged Couple Holding Hands
Wedding Bands
Teen study group
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